MULIK is  one  of   the  early  pioneers  of

the  genre  Tech - house  in   Germany.  A

long-time residency  in world famous and

legendary club “Dorian Gray” at Frankfurt

airport,  his  gigs around   the globe from

Africa  to  Asia  and   back  to  Europe, at

huge  festivals   such  as  “Love  Parade”

in  Berlin  and  “Street Parade”  in  Zurich

or   Germany´s  most   famous  dj - radio

for E-music  “HR3 Clubnight”  just as well

as  his  contribution  to  the  Dorian  Gray 

CD  eternalize   his  work  in   the  squad

of   DJs.   MULIK´s   radio  -  show  “DNS”   

has  reached over a hundred broadcasts

and transmits to a world wide  audience.  

A  continuous  list  of  projects  has been

released throughout the years  including 

remixes that  has landed  top  30  in  the 

media   control   charts  as   well   as  his

latest album  “The  DNS  Biscuits”   which 

appeared in  a new disguise on Swedish

Label  Dansant distribution Sony. 

"When the in Kenya  grown up DJ stands

behind   his   tables  and   celebrates  his

vision of electronic music  it´s not hard to

get  carried away  by  the rhythm against

your  own  ratio  and  you end up  finding

yourself   in  an   ecstatic  dance.  With  a

fascinating    delight   in    playing   MULIK

switches   the    vinyl,   synchronises   the

beats,  turns  the  potis,   refreshes  mini-

mal  tracks  with  progressive  tunes  and  

turns   hard  techno   into   filigree atmos-


For   him   there  are   no  boundaries. His 

musical    consciousness    reaches   much

further    then   a   genre   can   verbalize.  

His  Dj - sets   at   all   times   find   to  an  

electrifying   end.  

No    wonder    the  Frankfurt  -   techno - 

metropolis - born   Björn Mulik  is   one  of 

the  most   remarkable   deejays   of   the

era   Dorian  Gray.   He  revives   the  soul 

of   E - music   from    the   ninetees   and 

transforms   it  with   his  style   the  spirit 

of  modern electronic  music."