Bedrud & Madame Fairytale - The Road (Rotfenstermusik)

 Ask:Me & Bedrud - After Work (Pinkstarblack)

 Bedrud & Katzer - Sonderling (Rotfenstermusik)

 Jordan Freewood - Keep Pushing (Fat Vibes Music)

 M2M - Juicy (Rotfenstermusik)

 Atty Mezcal feat. Alexander O´Neall - Criticize (Tiger Rec.)

 Bedrud & Giese - African Child (Rotfenstermusik)

 Frank Savio, David Temessi - Logical State (DSR)

 Toni Rios vs Bedrud - Oh Boy (Rotfenstermusik)

 Steve E. feat. Penny Ford - Peace In The City (Fat Vibes)

 Bedrud - Sie Ist Elektrisch (Rotfenstermusik)

 Under Downtown - Moon In My Room (Clubstream)

 Slowmod - The Spaissstrait (Royal Biscuit)

 Sosa - The Wave (Tetsuo)

 Dr. Alban Megamix (Logic)

 Loft - Hold On (BMG)

 Jessica White - Gimme More (WEA)

 Tully Hoo - Heaven (BMG)

 Loft - Summer Summer (BMG)

 Paris Red - Party (Sony)

 Intermission - Honesty (Intercord)

 LDC - Daydream (Sony)

 Turbo B. - I´m Not Dead (Polydor)